Daily Tech Notes » WordPress 2.5 release candidate is now available for download

The next generation WordPress (2.5) is going to be released soon and a release candidate is now available for download. I did a test drive of this version and the first thing I noticed is that it looks a lot more “whiter” than the previous version. Some may call it the modern design, but In my option, the earlier look and feel was easier to navigate! For example check out the homepage,

As you can see, WordPress 2.5 uses google blog search instead of technorati for incoming links! The good thing is that you can now edit this. Another advantage of this feature is that now you can disable all the latest WordPress news and WordPress blog feeds. You don’t a need a plugin to do that!

Following are the major cool new features in WordPress 2.5,

Improved Write Post screen

Now it is easier to add various types of media to your post. Images, videos and audio files can be easily inserted. There is also a media library and a gallery feature available. But for majority of WordPress users who use tools like Windows Live Writer, this may not be important!  The write toolbar can be used in “simple” or “advanced” mode.

Tag Management

WordPress 2.5 now offers full tag management similar to category management. But surprisingly you cannot select a tag the way you select a category. You need to explicitly type in the tags in create post screen. The tag screen allows you to quickly see the posts under a specific tag. Also Blogroll is now moved under Manage section as links and link categories.

Faster Dashboard

One major improvement I noticed is that the dashboard now loads faster compared to the earlier dashboard. It can be made faster by removing all the unnecessary feeds on the dashboard such as incoming links and WordPress news. This alone probably is worth the upgrade to WordPress 2.5!

Don’t port your live blog to WordPress 2.5 yet! There could be serious security issues or bugs which needs to be ironed out. Wait till the production quality WordPress 2.5 is out. I would wait till WordPress 2.5.1 is out!

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