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World Precision Instruments has a “cool gadget” for the humane research purpose. It is called Rodent guillotine and as the name says it is a guillotine to get rid of the rat you just experimented on! According to the product page,

The small animal guillotine has been completely redesigned for ease of use and extra added safety features. The blades are drawn together by magnetic force to ensure a clean and precise cut through very strong bones and skin.

There is a large base for stability, long handle for extra leverage, spring action so the blades can not fall down unexpectedly, hardened stainless blades for endurance, simplified construction for easy maintenance. The fluoropolymer coated surface on the base makes cleaning easy.

The guillotine is considered one of the most humane methods to dispense with a subject (emphasis mine).

To me the most scary part was the pricing. There are three guillotine sizes and the smallest one costs $600! The largest one costs $1240 is intended for “large animals”.

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