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Geeky green is a 2 column fixed width theme for WordPress with complete widget support. The post area width is 550 pixels and the side bar is 220 pixels.  This theme is released under GPL license.

Geeky green is optimized for fast page load and uses minimum graphics. You can easily customize it by modifying the compact style sheet in this theme. Following is the sample screen of Geeky Green theme in action.


Download & Installation

The latest version of Geeky Green theme can be downloaded from here. Extract the compressed file under WordPress themes folder and then from administration screen select Geeky Green. If you want you can customize sidebar using widgets tab under the theme presentation tab.

All the links in the theme (except footer and header) can be customized by changing the global anchor tag style.

Live Demo

Geeky Green 2 column live demo.

I have tested this theme only on WordPress 2.3.3. But it should work on WordPress 2.0+. Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Let me know.

Version History

21 March, 2008 – released version 1.0

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