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In a move that could potentially push AMD out of business(!), Intel has announced drastic price cut in its quad core range of processors. The popular Q6700 series process will now cost $266 down from $530. Price cuts are also offered on other processors, but is not drastic as Q6700 range.

This surprise move by Intel is going to immediately push quad core adoption. Intel’s manufacturing process costs are cheaper than AMD and hence AMD might find it difficult to compete in this area. Also AMD posted a net loss of $358 million for Q1 2008. So this Intel move could be a “terminator” move for AMD! Who knows, Intel might have plans to acquire AMD

Multi core processor power is yet to be completely utilized. We might see a sudden influx of game engines which makes use of multi core architecture.

Here is a summary of the Quad core price cut,

The complete list of Intel price cut is available here (PDF).

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