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There was a lot of rumour in the blogsphere (TechCrunch, Gizmodo) that solid state drives has a higher failure rate compared to harddisks. I found it hard to believe since it was quite obvious that harddisks with moving parts will have a higher failure rate than SSD drives.

Now Dell has confirmed my doubt and denies that SSD failure rates are high,

Our global reliability data shows that SSD drives are equal to or better than traditional hard disk drives we’ve shipped. Beyond that, return rates for SSDs are in line with our expectations for new technology and an order of magnitude better than rates reported in the press.

The vast majority of our customers who purchased these drives appreciate the benefits that SSD drives offer: increased durability, fast start up, better reliability and improved access times.

Dell also points out that the research firm avian securities didn’t even contact them! This reminds me of the research papers released by some guys in India against pepsi and coca cola saying that their beverages are full of pesticides!

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