Daily Tech Notes » Changing default location of “my documents” folder in Windows Vista

In Windows Vista, the default location of “my documents” folder is “c:\users\username\documents”. In this path “username” stands for the Windows Vista user account on which you are logged on.

“My documents” folder is the default directory where applications are supposed store output files. For example if you are using Visual studio, the default location for new projects are under “\visual studio 2008\projects”. This means that most of the user data that you want to backup will end up in “my documents” folder.

It is possible to point “my documents” to an alternate folder. I normally point to a different drive and then backup the drive on a weekly basis. Changing “my documents” folder location is easy,

1. Right click on “c:\users\username\documents” folder.

2. Select properties and then from the properties window select the location tab.

3. Change the location to an alternate location. Click on apply. Windows will ask whether you want to move all the files to new folder. Select “Yes”.

Now your “my documents” folder is changed to the new location.

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